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Normal Topic Hodgdon TiteGroup in .45-70?!? (Read 2859 times)

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Hodgdon TiteGroup in .45-70?!?
Aug 26th, 2007 at 7:42pm
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Ran into a guy at the range yesterday who had his "new" Cimarron High Wall in .45-70 with him, his second or third range trip with it.
(pretty darn nice rifle, actually! I was impressed...).

He was trying a load that a buddy of HIS recommended.  First, he showed me his 100 yard target. 
Nice round 1-1/2" ten shot group.  One flyer that he called as a bad shot about 1" from that group (so, technically, a 2 1/2" group).
This with a 385gr cast bullet, large pistol primer, and 9gr of Hodgdon TiteGroup powder.
No wad or filler.

He let me shoot a few rounds at our ranges 200 yard 18" gong. It hit where I held, and was a VERY pleasant round to shoot. (as opposed to my 26.5 gr 4759 load under a 485gr bullet.. which stings pretty good when shooting in a tshirt!).

I can't find any "book" data on using TiteGroup in .45-70..
I was wondering if anyone knew of any published data?
I certainly doesn't seem an intuitive choice in my limited experience with the larger cases... but I can't argue with his results!

Thanks in advance!
Paul F.
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Re: Hodgdon TiteGroup in .45-70?!?
Reply #1 - Aug 26th, 2007 at 9:30pm
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I use 12 grains of Unique with a tuff of either dacron or kapock over it to hold it in place and a 300 grain RCBS cast bullet designed for a gas check.  It shoots very well with or without the gas check.  It is accurate and holds well out to 300 yards.  It has no recoil.

I made this load for a friend who has A Browing 1885 Traditional Hunter with the curved butt plate that is a killer with almost any load.  He wouldn't even shoot it until I worked up that load for him because he has had rotator cuff surgery on his right shoulder.  Now he loves shooting that rifle.

I use Tite Group in .38 Special revolver loads.  It is faster than Unique and I would not have thought that it would be a good candidate for what you describe but apparently it is.  Even so, I think I'll stay with Unique.

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Re: Hodgdon TiteGroup in .45-70?!?
Reply #2 - Aug 27th, 2007 at 6:49am
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I used to use 12 grs unique wit a 405 gr bullet, no filler. Was a decent load but I went to 31 grs of IMR 3031. Its recoil isn't bad but it has a little, certainly less than a full BP load. I have no experience with titegroup but recently bought a can of Trail Boss to try. Have heard it is mild in the 45-70 but haven't been able to try it yet. There is data out there for trail boss but haven't seen it for titegroup. Hope someone can find something and report it, sounds interesting!

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