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Re: BSA falling block rifles How to set a price for on
Reply #15 - Apr 25th, 2011 at 7:50pm
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I'd say that the availability of the BSA Martinis is what has really gotten the 22 rf only matches at Etna Green going. 

A few guys had/have great "more traditional" rimfires, lovely engraved high grade well pedigreed original Ballard, Stevens, Winchester, etc.  But for a lot of guys who are not high grade collectors and still want to enjoy the 22 matches, the Martinis have been the magic key.  They are affordable and none that have shown up at EG seem to be bad barreled ones. (I suspect that JohnA simply didn't buy or sell any with worn out barrels) .  5-600 for a rifle, a used scope and the best ammo for the rifle you can afford, some basic bench gear and you are good to go.  There have been some fears that the Martinis would "take over" and displace the more "traditional" 22's but so far that does not seem to be happening.  IN fact some guys who were shooting Martinis and added classic traditional to their kit as well. Especially as they move form the bench matches into offhand.

Biggest detriment to really high score shooting has been ammo and conditions.  I fully expect that soon, maybe even this year, someone will put it all together and turn in a 200 yard 250 rimfire Schoyen

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