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Re: Forend width
Reply #15 - Feb 3rd, 2005 at 2:05pm
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I will stick with my 300 gr spritzer as long as it works well breech seating.  If was going to change it at all it would be a bit shorter but still the same weight.  Less of a spritzer.  Of course the 38/55 barrel is set up for offhand and with the thin forearm and difficult of shooting this sort of set-up off a bench any small differences in bullet performance will not be easy to see.

On Modern Silouette. Within a easy round trip for a days match I have 4 smallbore and 1 highpower matches each month. Silouette is good training for Schuetzen. It teaches you to get the shot off quickly and since the rifles are lighter and not so well connected to your body you have to have your position repeatable and just right.  A disavantage is you tend to throw shots away since you are probably not going to hit all of them anyway and the penalty for a miss is the same even if you jerk the trigger and are way off.

In Schuetzen you can't throw a single shot away even in a Hudson match. And even if you don't shoot centers you need to pay attention to keeping the group size as small as possable.  An advantage is  you can see the group develop on paper and can refine your hold and sight adjustment much better than in Silouette. Hard holding and refining helps in Silouette. Problem I have with Schuetzen is the lack of matches close and even if I drive they are not Monthly. Most clubs in the East run 2 or 3 per year. A good year for me is 4 matches.

My Small bore Silouette club lets us shoot non conforming rifles in at least one of the monthly matches. It's a lot of fun to shoot the CPA Pope model rimfire silouette. You do have to rush reloading and all.

They are very compatable,  We do have some less formal offhand matches for Muzzle loaders and single shots.  In the end if you can shoot offhand the match is not too important as each builds on the other and the basic skills are the same.

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Re: Forend width
Reply #16 - Feb 3rd, 2005 at 4:53pm
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  I agree about performance being hard to see with stock designs of the old rifles. For working up loads I'll put the sled on as this helps a great deal and use my left hand to really squeeze the rear bag in order to keep the torque down to as close to zero as possible. With the sled giving a good "return to battery" I figure this is as good as I can do with an original stock configuration. Then it's more a question of what the loads and groups look like thru the chronograph. Since I'm death on bullet tipping that will be one of the things I look for to. When I can consistently get groups off the bench under an inch then I figure that's good enuf for my level of offhand shooting.

  You're absolutely right about not being able to throw any shots away in Schuetzen. My goal is to keep all the shots inside the 23 ring. It seems when they go out further than that it doesn't take many of those to make for a bad score. I think Harry Pope said it best. "Good shooting is not the presence of good shots, it's the absence of bad shots!".

  You've hit the nail on the head with your comment about having places to shoot Schuetzen, and then only a few times a year at most clubs that do. We're pretty lucky around here as I live about 35 miles from our clubs range and we have twice a month shoots from May thru Sept. A few of us shoot 50 ft. offhand indoors twice a week during the Winter months to keep our hand in.

  In the end if you can shoot offhand the match is not too important as each builds on the other and the basic skills are the same.

  Truer words were never spoken!


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