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Brinell Hardness Test
Jan 28th, 2005 at 5:03pm
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The following url is for caculating Brinell Hardness.  It uses kilograms and mm instead of inches and pounds.  You put your figures into the boxes and you get a Brinnel number caculated.
I would use a dial caliper to measure.
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Easy and neat

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Martin Stenback
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Re: Brinell Hardness Test
Reply #1 - Jan 28th, 2005 at 11:19pm
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  Neat site, and very useful if you're familiar with converting metrics over to "real" measurements.  Smiley

  For those of us that are metrically challenged here's the formula for the rest of us as published on pg. 88 of E.H. Harrisons "Cast Bullet" book.

BHN = 5 x ( diam. of indent in Lead / diam. of test sample) squared

  An example would be if the indent in a sample of pure Lead was .175" and the indent in the sample you want to know the BHN of is .103", it would figure out as.......

  .175/.103 = 1.666  1.666 x 1.666 = 2.775  2.775 x 5 = 13.875 

  Round it up to 13.9 or 14 BHN

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