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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Rules Dr Hudson shot under (Read 16008 times)
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Re: Rules Dr Hudson shot under
Reply #30 - Apr 18th, 2005 at 9:29am
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Everyone is different but Tell you the truith I have not notced scores on individual targets latter in a Hudson match to be lower than the first targets.  Remember we do generaly have 2 days to shoot the match althought I almost always try to finish it in one day.

Most Clubs run relays about 45 minutes and I like to get off 2 record targets per relay.  With a couple of Re-entry targets first to make sure all is working well and some time spent with sighters, and some time in my pocket in cast of unforseen delays I take 8 relays or a full day to shoot my Hudson. I never break for lunch and just drink some water and eat a few peanuts , raisins or something small all day.

I not so sure in my case taking both days would make for higher scores. I tend to get into a grove and anything that breaks the pace will result is lower scores until I get back going.

My lowest scores are almost always after a break or lapse in concetration.  What kills me is if I get into some distracting conversation or discussion during the target change or cold line in a match. I know it looks sort of unsocable but I like to keep my earmuffs on between relays.

Sometimes when I shoot Smallbore Silouette (and after checking with the match directior to make sure he does not object) I will keep a Diskman in the pocket of my shooting vest and listen to CD's while shooting.  To me it helps, although have never tried it in Schuetzen.  What you would not want to do is depend on it and have it ruled out just before a match.

Once in the Small bore Silouette Nationals I had a unplesant exchange with a scorer during a relay.  I had a habit of lifting the bolt and dry firing a couple of times after a miss  just to get my grove back.  The scorer accused me of cheating. The magazine only held 5 rounds and I only fired 5 but did lift and break more than 5 with the dry fires.  In any event it cost me a couple of animals due to blood preassure rising. I gave the pratice up after even though I still think it helps.

Anyway thats long enough for a  Monday, Would sure like to shoot the WSU Hudson.

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