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Normal Topic 32 Miller Update (Read 1880 times)
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32 Miller Update
Sep 25th, 2008 at 8:54am
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I have  new info on my Miller that's worthy of a new topic.
Yesterday, I took it to the range and used the load I've been using in my 32 Miller Short Ruger......Terrific trigger, but I could feel a hangfire. I could feel the trigger break and hear it click, then it'd fire. Impossible!  but it happened. 15 times. Once I got used to it,  groups were good.    
            After shooting a few shots, I decided I had to do some serious hacking(read precise machining) on the breechseater I made. It works fine, but I never tried it with a 24X Unertl on it. Lots more stuff got in the way, so I removed metal till all was well....
           I decided to call Cyle Miller to ask about the "hangfire"...The number posted here wasn't a working number, so I called Dakota Arms, as they are now the makers, and asked for info..I wasn't able to get anyone there that could help,but was given Cyle  new phone number...
  Mr Miller turned out to be a very helpful man. He gave me a lot of info, and also gave me a blow by blow on disassembly of the breech block.
He made my rifle, and said that the number wasn't that high, as he was into the 600's when another company got involved.He also said he'd never seen a broken firing pin spring.....
I took all of this in,made notes,  then took the rifle apart.
Easy disassembly, absolutely nothing flew anywhere.... Problem was a broken firing pin. I called Cyle back, he gave me all the info I needed to make a new firing pin. dimensions, length, everything. Worked out great, and this morning I am ordering the materials to make one or 2.
Cyle was very helpful and I gotta say the design and function of the rifle, is terrific! One thing he told me was my action wasn't barrelled by him, but sold as an action only as he wouldn't have done things  I described to him
Looking forward to shooting it again, and sorry the matches are done for 2008!

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Re:  32 Miller Update
Reply #1 - Sep 25th, 2008 at 11:02am
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Can you post Cyle"s new phone number since there are others who would like to consult with him.

THX Dave
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