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Sticky Topic A NOTE FROM THE TARGET GUY (Read 4843 times)
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Jun 12th, 2015 at 1:03pm
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By the time you are reading this you should all know about the increase in target prices as of 7/1/2015.

From time to time I get questions as to why the price of shipping is so costly, and in many cases is more than the cost of the targets themselves.  Here is the simplest explanation I can give:

Targets are drop shipped from our printer in Ohio directly to your address.  Our printer charges a handling fee of $4.95/box on top of the UPS or FedEx Ground cost.  The handling charge is for picking and packing the order in a custom made box that fits each different target size.  Our printer always tries to get as many targets in one box as possible.  For instance, if you order the larger # 3 or #4 target along with the smaller #5, our printer will try to get them all in the larger box.  I am sure most of you have experienced this by now if you order different sized targets.

Next, the charges for shipping are determined by weight and distance. Thus a package going to California will have a different cost than one going to New York State or Indiana. There is also a charge for residential delivery as well as one for rural deliveries that also add to the cost.

The ASSRA makes no money on the shipping process at all!  In fact, all the work done by myself with the targets and other duties of the Officers of the ASSRA is totally voluntary.  We are not paid to do this.  Rather, we love what we do in order to perpetuate our sport.

All in all, I feel that we offer the finest quality targets to be bought, made with the best card stock and heavy paper available at a cost that is readily affordable.

I hope that this note clears up any misconceptions or questions you may have been thinking about when you order targets from me.

Jeff Ehrlich
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