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Some new to me rifles
Nov 22nd, 2015 at 12:04am
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I've been trying to talk my friend Davy out of this HI Wall for 20 years. Did he tell me that it was up for sale? Course not. He put it on the gun show table. He did make me a smoking deal on it though, $1200 including dies, brass and 120 rounds of ammo. It is a Single Shot INC in 38-55 in great shape. I've been casting and reloading BP duplex loads. Wanting to here more about Single Shot Inc. and the rifles that they made. I read 1 post by a guy who used to work there, said used two different barrels. How can I tell which barrel I have? My SN is 1047. What to here about your 38-55 loads.
The LOW WALL I bought at auction. It is a Winchester, originally in 25 something, but now sleeved for .22. Some one did a great job refurbishing it.
The Martini was built in 1930 and was originally a Canadian Cadet rifle. Somewhere along the line it was re barreled and the stock cut to kid size. It has spent the last 20 years that I've known it teaching kids rifle marksmanship and safety at the Tanana Valley Sportsman's ASSN. I worked there for a few years and when they decided to sell off some stuff I bought it. It shoots great.

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