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Product review
Jan 30th, 2019 at 5:04pm
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While not strictly SS related, you will see where this is headed .
A few days ago I ran a full box of 44 special cowboy loads through my model 29 at our indoor range....less harsh, fun shooting.
Long story short, they’re slow/soft, when I got home I could not believe how leaded up my entire throat in you could’nt see grooves for 1/2”
Had a bottle, never really tried Wipe Out No Lead since I use their solvent/accelorator in my BR barrels.
Three days, daily replacement, no patching, no brushing, about 95 % gone with a single small spot to go.
I have read all manner of posts with foul brews potential bore damaging tecniques and this stuff is non toxic, non finnish harming, etc, and it plain works.....well.
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