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Re: Green Mountain blank
Reply #15 - Oct 18th, 2020 at 1:54am
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Good to hear from you, Don. Long time no hear!

You may also be interested in a odd barrel?  I have one of those too!

The GM blank is round, thirty five inches long and 1.285 in diameter and weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces. It is a cut rifled blank. New, never fired. I changed my mind and installed a original barrel in my Hepburn.

The other barrel you may like is a slug gun barrel blank. I got it from Frank a  long time ago. It was round so I machined it octagon. It is 33 inches long and weighs 40 pounds 4 ounces. .50 caliber 16 twist. I bet you could shoot a super long bullet in that barrel!

Funny you should mention "square". How cool would that be?! Since I hadn't thought of selling it at this time I won't list a price, but just answering your inquire.

A square barrel on a Miller, that there would be somethin!

Here are some pictures.
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