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Normal Topic Kowa Prominar Junior type (Read 248 times)

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Kowa Prominar Junior type
Oct 17th, 2020 at 10:48pm
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A few years ago I bought this 20 power Kowa prominar junior type spotting scope for all of around $50 on the internet, nobody else bid.
Even came with the original blue box which says its a Prominar junior model
Only one I have ever seen in my little part of the world and bought it because of all the fulsome praise I have heard about it's bigger brother here.
Just the scope, had to buy another scope and stand just to get the stand, worked out ok as I sold the scope for what I paid for it and got the stand for free.
I enclose a photo which I took today at the 200 metre firing point. Sometimes I could see 22 bullet holes at 200 metres and sometime I couldn't.
Anyone else got one of these and how old would it be and how does it compare to the larger model?
Rifle is a 5.6x50R and a Lyman 6 power.
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Re: Kowa Prominar Junior type
Reply #1 - Oct 18th, 2020 at 8:46am
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I like spotters and have owned many obscure inexpensive scopes including a Prominar and some high dollar scopes  too. The Prominar models like yours are useful and about the equal of similarly priced scopes of the period, Bushnell etc. Not even close in resolution to current production large objective Kowas. New Kowas to my eye are the “standard”

Having said that you don’t always need the highest dollar scope. Used a 20x Bushnell for years, rode under my car seat with a window mount used for spotting roadside hawks.  Gave it to my sons in-laws set up to watch their bird feeder. 20x Leopold I replaced it with resolves better not dramatically better. Mostly in low light.

200 yard .22 spotting is more about atmospheric conditions than quality of the scope.

Use it it’s a nice scope.

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