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Re: Lucky Favorite
Reply #30 - Sep 12th, 2021 at 5:49pm
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Well, chipmaker, seeing is believing.  That's the first hard evidence I've ever seen that any .25 Stevens rifle ever had a .250 groove.

When and for how long Stevens used a .250 groove is anybody's guess.  Yours is later than 1896, and before 1915.   

WHY Stevens made them with two different bores will undoubtedly remain a mystery.

But it does clear up the mystery of why Barnes listed the bullet diameter as .251, which I've considered an error until now.

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Re: Lucky Favorite
Reply #31 - Sep 12th, 2021 at 7:53pm
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The smokeless load for the 25 Stevens RF is listed as giving a velocity of 1180 fps with a 65 grain lead bullet.
Both BP and Dellet, who post on these forums, reported firing two black powder 25 RF rounds and observed a velocity of 1112 fps. Dellet also reported that Canuck 25 RF cartridges, gave a velocity of 1124 fps, when fired from a 22" barreled Favorite.
I thought that, if a nail gun cartridge and 50 grain bullet, gave a velocity at or below 1100 fps, that it would be safe to fire in the Favorite, until a friend mentioned that the nail gun cartridges might have a different pressure curve, from black powder or the smokeless powder used in the Canuck cartridges, that could still damage the Favorite, even though it produced the same muzzle velocity.
Different powders do burn differently and can create significantly different pressures, while producing the same velocity, so it seems as if the preceding caution might have merit.
Does anyone know of any reports of high pressure signs, when using the green or brown nail gun cartridges, in firearms? 
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Re: Lucky Favorite
Reply #32 - Sep 12th, 2021 at 8:03pm
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FWIW, in the last 2 days in my #4 rolling block I've fired:

.27 brown nail gun blank and breech seated 52gr bullet. It fired fine, but was  little hard to extract. But this is commonly reported with these blanks. No other signs of pressure. The report was quite mild.

A case made from .22 Hornet loaded with a green .22 cal nail gun blank and 52gr bullet. It shot fine, extracted easily and had a mild report.

Both of these were just fired into the ground outside my garage to test functionality.

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